MITM-SSH is a tool (based on OpenSSH 3.9p) for performing Man In The Middle attacks against SSH 1 & 2. It can be used to intercept SSH passwords and supervise users. It should compile on most UNIX machines, but are currently limited to Linux and FreeBSD due to usage of getsockname()/getsockopt() for finding the real target address.

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MITM-SSL is a tool for performing Man In The Middle attacks against SSL services. The tool listens on port 443 (HTTPS) by default and redirects connecting clients to the address specified as 'Host:' in the HTTP header (a static route can also be set).

The data sent from the client to the real server can be scanned for passwords (at least for the protocols HTTP, LDAP, FTP, IMAP, IRC, POP3 and SMTP) but can also be logged to a file.

Tested on Linux

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SDC (1.2)

The sdc program creates self decrypting binaries for common operating systems and architectures (currently Windows, Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Solaris). The target file is encrypted using Blowfish in Ciphertext Feedback Mode (CFB) and appended to an executable which reads itself and attempts to decrypt the appended data when it is run.

Update: Fixed the cancel button in windows version

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Blowfish Library

Blowfish implementation written in C with optional Sparc assembly encryption/decryption routines.

  • Electronic Code Book Mode (EBC)
  • Cipher Block Chaining Mode (CBC)
  • Output FeedBack Mode (OFB)
  • Cipher FeedBack Mode (CFB)
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    Zniper displays active TCP connections seen by the selected interface. The spotted connections can be killed by injecting RST packets into the stream. Zniper has been tested on Linux, NetBSD and FreeBSD.

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    RingCap is a network sniffer with a ringbuffer. It records network traffic and keeps a backlog of given amount of memory which simplify for constant recording on embedded systems. The buffer can be dumped in pcap format for analysis at any time. The total time of recorded traffic is written to a logfile in given intervalls.

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    IWsniff is a TCP/UDP password sniffer based on (slightly modified) decode routines in dsniff. Credits to Dug Song , author of dsniff.

    I wrote this tool to be able to scan through some old Kismet dump files since dsniff fails when there are packets missing for reassembly of a TCP stream, which is quite common when changing channels while monitoring wireless traffic.

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    Stand alone network sniffer with tcpdump syntax support (no WinPcap required!).

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    Sniff and print active hosts on the same network segment.

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    A tiny program that reads data from standard input and writes it to the network. Works on Linux only.

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    A non listening remote shell and exec server. More information available on

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